Stone cutting project

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Naas Limestonequarry

Established 1938

Naas Limestonequarry is one of the many large Norwegian limestonequarries. In the beginning our company extracted marble blocks to be used in the gravestone industry, and from 1938 we started extracting for the chemical pulp industry in the Drammen area. After our first crusher was assembled in 1958 we also supplied rocks to Sweden. In 1968 we started supplying Hustadkalk AS. This cooperation has now lasted for over 30 years.

Stone block project

The stoneindustry in Eide started early at the 1900 century with production of stoneblock's for headstones and buildings.
Gradually this marked decreased and the marked for crushed marble became the more important. For the first time in many decades the marble who eweryone tought was to porous, was used for floor tiles in a bathroom. This was in 1995. This demonstrated that the crystalized marble from Naas Kalk had a mutch better quality than its reputation. The marbel was wery suiteable for floor- and wall tiles, tabletops, stairs, etc.

The crystalized marble at Naas Limestone is as hard to cut as granite, but it doesn't wear any more on the cuttingsements than other marble. By polishing the marble one can see the crystal structure very good because of the crystal's middlesized, straight structure. Since the first floor was covered with marble plates in 1995 we have covered several large floors, large areas outside, and made staircases and tabletops.

On our first projects we used "bad blocks" that was shot out by a tunnel blast. These blocks convinced us that the quality was irreproachably good, and we decided to carry on the blockstoneproject. In the spring of 1999 we invested in a Marini gran Fil Super wiresaw. We hired an expert so that we would get a right impression of the marbles' block qualities. Of course there were some starting problems with the blockextraction, but after a few lessons learned we were satisfied with the results.

By today we have extracted several large blocks and started testing them. The totality of the stone shows to be excellent. March 15th of the new millennium we started using a Pelligrini DF 2500 Jolly block/profiling saw. This machine is used for cutting clean blocks, cutting of plates, and 2D-profiling. 2D-profiling is only limited by your imagination. Firm trade marks, benches, pillars, tables, and figures are some of the things one can make.